Whole house custom factory intelligent production management system

    Production management system, wood furniture factory batch order whole process management system, office furniture with factory packaging optimization software.

    1. Cloud server, supporting local factory management of multiple production bases:

    2. Data coordination: connected with the software database of disassembly and ordering, and read the original data from the SUNVEGA,;

    3. Order management: order management list, order review data, online modification of board information;

    4. PMC plan: daily production plan, task batch, production line capacity allocation, material purchase plan;

    5. Production management: process scanning and reporting, piece wage accounting, packaging management, quality mutual inspection, material replenishment and rework;

    6. Piecework accounting: a variety of piecework schemes, by piece, by meter, by square, piecework by time, main machine hand and auxiliary machine hand piecework;

    7. Procurement management: docking data files to realize intelligent and accurate procurement of non-standard materials, direct purchasing materials, reprocessing materials and materials with minimum inventory;

    8. Warehouse of raw materials: Build the material library according to the disassembly data, and scientifically set the warning of minimum inventory and sluggish materials;

    9. Finished goods warehouse: material scanning in and out of warehouse, inventory management, delivery management;

    10. Order cost: accounting material cost and working hours;

    11. Warehouse management: warehouse location planning, loading and unloading scan entry and exit, warehouse occupancy guidance, finished product distribution guidance;

    12. Statistical report: Statistical report of production data, warning board of overdue production and procurement schedule;

    13. Complete set of sorting: connect with sorting software, provide batch information of production tasks, and ensure the accuracy of complete set information of sheet parts;

    14. Process quality mutual inspection: Each process shall conduct quality inspection on the flow board of the previous process and upload quality inspection information;

    15. After-sales management: scanning the packaging bar code on site to quickly upload the material of the filling plate.